College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Chancellor's and Dean's Doctoral Fellowships

The Chancellor's Doctoral Fellowships strengthen KU's recruitment of the very best doctoral students.  Chancellor's Fellows have the opportunity to serve as both GTAs and GRAs during their five years of doctoral study.  The Chancellor's Doctoral Fellowship provides a single $25,000 award to be distributed to Fellows in one of two ways: $5,000 per year over five years, to serve as a suppliment to the department's standard funding package or First year recruitment package with stipend at the department’s standard rate or higher plus resident rate tuition and required fees.  The Fellow must be appointed as a GRA in the first year. While the total value of the funding (stipend, tuition, and fees) offered to the student may exceed $25,000, the CDF will only provide that amount.  Any additional cost must be covered by the unit. 

The Dean's Doctoral Fellowships strengthen KU’s recruitment of the very best doctoral students and are intended to promote a culture of grant seeking among the College’s doctoral students and academic units.  Fellows receive a $22,000 annual stipend plus resident rate tuition and required fees for up to five years of doctoral study.

Chancellor’s Doctoral Fellowships and Dean’s Doctoral Fellowships will be awarded in two rounds.  In Round 1, four Chancellor’s and three Dean’s Fellowships will be awarded to selected doctoral programs.  In Round 2, those programs that are unsuccessful in Round 1 will be invited to put forward their strongest doctoral applicant for consideration for one of the four remaining fellowships.

For more information, see the Chancellor's Doctoral Fellowship and Dean’s Doctoral Fellowship Call for Applications. To apply for either or both of these awards, please use the following Application Form. Round 1 deadline: noon (12:00 p.m.), Friday, September 20, 2019.  Round 2 deadline: noon (12:00 p.m.), Friday, February 7, 2020.